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April 2012:
Auditions in Fulham, Birmingham and Greenwich so far this month.
Thoroughly enjoyed rehearsed reading for AWL of new comedy Writers' Group, where I played writer/director Ruth.

March 2012:
Cast in a rehearsed reading for AWL of a new comedy, taking place on 2 April.
Working on two new audition speeches, studying under Tilly Blackwood.
Voiceover work: corporate web animation, commissioned by L&CO Design, to promote a new marketing analysis tool.

February 2012:
Scripts chosen, roles cast and directors signed up for the next Page to Stage event (24 Feb): http://www.theatrebubble.com/pg/events/view/13097/page-to-stage.
11 Feb: Fascinating tour (organised by the South and South-East London Equity branch) of The Park, the new theatre being built in Finsbury Park. And great to meet branch members afterwards.

January 2012:
Fab evening on 30th, workshopping new play Only Human by Rose Lewenstein
with the Transmission team at The Rag Factory.
Recorded new radio pieces for a writing workshop with Peter L. Wild.
Meanwhile, busy organising the next Page to Stage event, taking place on 24 Feb.

December 2011:
Shot a commercial for picture framers' glass, on location in Dorset.
Organised Page to Stage event on 9 December at Battersea Arts Centre: writers, actors, directors and the panel of industry experts all came together in a fabulous evening of creative collaboration. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.

November 2011:
Delighted to have been appointed as Organiser for Page to Stage. 4 new plays are showcased, via rehearsed readings, to an industry panel who give feedback on each play. Discussion is then opened to the audience. My role is to read the scripts, choose the 4 plays, cast them, get directors on board, invite industry professionals to be on the panel, design the programme and host everything on the night!

October 2011:
Have just completed a corporate voiceover for Nominet Trust, a charity that supports initiatives concerning safe and accessible use of the internet, to improve lives and communities. Meanwhile, the poker voiceovers continue - we are now using two different studios to fit in as many recording hours as possible by the end of November.

September 2011:
I am continuing to voice the series of online poker videos. The site will be launched at the end of November. Meanwhile, Autumn Leaves (see May 2011, below) is being turned into a film - with the original cast. More details to follow.
August 2011:
Holiday season for some, but I have been busy in the studio voicing the character of Kate, upbeat poker player teaching others how to do it. (Her maths is definitely better than mine!)
July 2011:
This month has been dominated by v/o work, including the next in the online poker series for beginners. I was also a member of the winning quiz team at the inaugural members' social night at the Actors Centre!
June 2011:
Greatly enjoyed 5 week 'Acting for Radio' course with David Gooderson.
V/o work included an online poker video for beginners, recorded at Uptown Studios. The intended audience is international, so clear English is required.
May 2011: Performed in poignant two-hander Autumn Leaves,
double bill opening the CPTP New Writing Season at Barons
Court Theatre.
Photo: In rehearsal with Andy Hamilton in Autumn Leaves
April 2011: Rehearsing Autumn Leaves – premiere at Barons Court Theatre.
Recorded voicereel with Silver-Tongued Productions. Tracks include commercials (corporate, comedy, hard sell) and readings (e.g. multi-character children's story, history documentary, Jane Austen narration). See Voicereel page for all tracks.
March 2011: 'Accents for Actors' finished this month. Fun group, great tuition, very useful notes. Also greatly enjoyed w/end TV presenting course with Kathryn Wolfe. Meanwhile, at the Actors Centre, took part in the Poetry Pool workshop held by Clive Swift and Matthew Lloyd.
February 2011: Recorded an RP voiceover for the Women in Business website. Director's feedback: 'Very professional. Lovely warm voice'.
Strange Love: Romance the Guignol Way, Old Red Lion Theatre, 21 February 2011, triple bill: Nurse in 'The Final Kiss'; Josephine von Klibbentrop in 'Ways and Means'.
Photo: As Josephine von Klibbentrop in 'Ways and Means'
Cast (in order of appearance)
Felix Badger-Burbridge: James Sanderson
Lady Francesca Pipkin-Butterfield: Kate Farrow
Josephine von Klibbentrop: Miranda Harrison
Infanta de Dacourde: Timo Willman
January 2011: Enjoying a 12-week course that started this month, 'Accents for Actors', at the City Lit. Meanwhile, rehearsals underway for the next Le Nouveau Guignol production at the Old Red Lion theatre in February.
December 2010: After months of reading scripts, we on the new writing panel for CPTP drew up two programmes of new writing to be performed at Barons Court Theatre in 2011/12.
November 2010: Le Nouveau Guignol is working on a range of new plays, having been offered a regular monthly slot at the Old Red Lion theatre from Feb 2011. 
October 2010: The month began with 2 days filming on a corporate film for the Royal Mail, where I played a bullied worker, and ended with the highly successful debut production from Le Nouveau Guignol.
Photo: As Mme de Merliot in 'Tics: Or Doing The Deed', A Night
of Nouveau Guignol
, Old Red Lion Theatre, 25 October 2010.
Cast (in order of appearance)
Mme Martin: Esther Eden
Dr Martin: Steve Blacker                                                 
Mme de Merliot: Miranda Harrison
Monsieur de Merliot: James Sanderson
Adrian: Lee Ravitz
Venus: Kate Farrow
September 2010: A new campaign, 'I Value the Arts', went live, urging the public to voice their support for the arts. Anyone who values the arts in their community can register their details at: www.ivaluethearts.org.uk.
August 2010: Classes this month included my first ever stage combat course (with Independent Drama Stage Combat) and a day-long vocal workshop at the Actors Centre. My main theatre casting was as a member of the newly formed Le Nouveau Guignol (company set up to perform plays in the Grand Guignol tradition).
July 2010: During the sell-out run of The Memory of Water (produced by new theatre company Four Eyes And The Peach), the following 5 star review came out:
... three sisters who don't get along are brought together in their childhood home on the eve of their mother's funeral. As tensions rise and dysfunctions become increasingly apparent, the secrets begin to come out ... No script is fully appreciated unless the actors do it justice, and to say they did it justice would be a gross understatement. Each one of the cast is absolutely fantastic ... (www.remotegoat.co.uk)
Cast (in order of appearance)
Vi: Miranda Harrison
Mary: Emma Boswell
Teresa: Rachel Nott
Catherine: Katherine French
Mike: Stephen Ashmore-Blakely
Frank: Brendan Jones
RECENT CREDITS                                  
Julie, Autumn Leaves, Baron's Court Theatre, London
Josephine von Klibbentrop, Ways and Means, The Old Red Lion Theatre, London
Mme de Merliot, Tics: Or Doing the Deed, The Old Red Lion Theatre, London
Vi, The Memory of Water, Ye Olde Rose + Crown Theatre, London
Mother, Blood Wedding, Baron's Court Theatre, London
Angela, Wave of Life, ZooMoo Entertainment, Oxford
Kate, 3 pilot episodes of UTU, BBC World TV, BBC Television Centre, London
Florence Taylor, audio, film + photos for English-language teaching pack, Zanichelli Editore SpA, on location in Muswell Hill and at The Soundhouse Studio, London
Ongoing classes at the Actors Centre
'Radio Acting', City Lit
'TV Presenting for Actors
', City Lit
'Accents for Actors', City Lit
'Shakespeare's Women', Simon Bell (Cambridge Shakespeare Festival)
'Acting For Screen', Shooting Match Ltd
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