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Next event:
Weds 12 April 2017

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Page to Stage dates for 2017:
Weds 22 Feb
Weds 12 April
Weds 21 June
Weds 20 Sept
Weds 22 Nov


Email:         Page2Stage@gmx.com
Organiser:  Miranda Harrison


Page to Stage comprises rehearsed readings of new theatre scripts, with feedback from an industry panel. It's a bi-monthly event, held at The Horse & Stables in central London.

First appearing in 2006, Page to Stage has been the launch-pad for many new writers who have subsequently had commercial success with their writing.
I relaunched the event in 2014.


i) 1st call-out: Writers are invited to submit a new theatre script of 10 mins – either a self-contained piece, or an excerpt from a longer play.
ii) Four scripts are chosen, and all applicants contacted.
iii) 2nd call-out: Trained actors and directors are invited to apply to the event's breakdown, with CVs, links to showreels etc.
iv) The 4 pieces are cast and each is assigned a director.
v) Pieces, writers, panel, cast and directors are announced.
vi) Cast and directors meet on the night, with an intense 1½ hours to rehearse.
vii) Each piece is performed as a directed rehearsed reading, after which the panel (comprising established playwrights, theatre directors, literary managers etc.) offers constructive feedback to the writers.

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A Page to Stage rehearsed reading in performance at The Horse & Stables. Photo: Hannah Elsy.


Making connections is a big
part of Page to Stage.

At every event there are printed programmes with participants' biogs.
And everyone is invited to meet
in the bar afterwards.
There are countless stories of connections made at
Page to Stage that led to
future collaborations.


WRITERS: Page to Stage is the perfect platform to see your writing up on its feet, and to receive constructive feedback from industry professionals and an engaged audience. NB: Chosen writers attend on the night, as it is a theatre experience with direct responses 'in the moment'.

DIRECTORS: The event is a great showcase for demonstrating your ability to handle the challenges of working in a small space, to a tight timescale, with actors performing script-in-hand. 

ACTORS: Strong rehearsed reading skills, a good stage CV, clear articulate delivery –
if you have all these, then Page to Stage is a great vehicle to demonstrate both your skills and your support for new writing.

AUDIENCE: Some have described a Page to Stage event as 'a master class' – you see actors and directors bring the writing to life, and you also witness the workings of a panel of experienced playwrights, directors, literary managers etc., as they respond to pieces they have not seen or read before.

NOTE FOR PARTICIPANTS: All are invited to apply per event – i.e. there is no pool of 'regulars'. Each event has a unique programme of pieces, with its own specific call-out for directors and actors, and a carefully chosen panel. Those who have taken part in a Page to Stage event before are welcome to do so again, but applications are needed each time (not least so that we have confirmation of people's availability).


** NEXT EVENT: Weds 12 April 2017 **

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