'Vagina Monologues', Bread & Roses Theatre, 2016. Photo by Kenneth Jay

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Agent: NorthOne Management

Playing age: 45–55

Summary: Actor (theatre, rehearsed readings; film, TV);

voiceover (corporate; charity; gaming). Member of Equity


February 2020

We had a fabulous Page to Stage this month. Huge and grateful thanks to everyone involved. The panel's feedback was insightful and encouraging; and the writers' pieces (each unique and amazing) were wonderfully conveyed by the directors and actors. Great discussions and engagement with the pieces continued in the bar afterwards. Thanks everyone!! 

January 2020

Happy New Year! I'm already busy preparing for the first Page to Stage of 2002, taking place on Tues 25 February at the usual venue of the Horse & Stables (SE1 7RW), near Lambeth North tube. 

December 2019

Busy with auditions!

November 2019

I greatly enjoyed getting to know the character of Nina Boyle (1865–1943), pioneer of the British women's police service, for the play Policing Women (one of several short plays for Glass Splinters) - details below. The event showcased a great range of plays and we had a great audience. It was a real pleasure to catch up with actor and director friends and to meet new people. 

October 2019

Rehearsing Policing Women, a new play as part of the Glass Splinters night at The Pleasance, Islington. The piece is set in 1915 and is a two-hander about the two real-life women (Nina Boyle and Margaret Dawson) who founded the Women Police Volunteers.

September 2019
After a summer break, it was Page to Stage time again! We had an amazing line-up of scripts, actors, directors and industry panel at the September event. For full details of how a Page to Stage night works, please click here.

August 2019

Delighted to be cast in this month's Liars League event (where stories are read by actors to an audience, in a pub, with sweets and a half-time quiz). I read Ray, by Sarah Nott, a quirky tale about a woman, her daughter, and her fox.

July 2019

Busy with auditions and workshops. Also was delighted to be cast in a table-read for an exciting new film noir. I was narrating (utilising all those v/o skills), and it was being recorded for the US producers. We can't talk about the project at the moment, but it was great to be involved in this crucial stage of development.

June 2019

I founded a theatre company! See Precipice Productions page. Our de​but play - We're All Dead - was performed as part of the Stockwell Playhouse One Act Festival. Lovely audience response. And Ju​ne's Page to Stage was fun too, with a great creative team and a fab panel who gave insightful and encouraging advice to the writers.

May 2019

In March I mentioned a commercial - it was for Royal London insurance, and I played a woman who walks her dog and does aerobics! It's now showing on various TV channels.

April 2019

Took part in my first Stitchin' Fiction event. Six pieces are performed as rehearsed readings - but the actors turn up at 6pm with no idea of their roles or any knowledge of the plays. Brilliant fun! Photo: Performing The Ever Shorter Arm of the Law by Nial Urquhart; photo by Kiah Shabka Photography.

And I performed in a powerful piece about mental health - She's Not There - as part of the BITS season at The White Bear. I played a psychiatrist whose patience is ebbing. Meanwhile we had a great Page to Stage, with a wonderful panel, four interesting pieces of new writing, talented and hard-working directors and actors, and a really engaged audience. Huge thanks to all.

March 2019

Recorded a v/o for Bletchley Park; and had a 2-day shoot

for a commercial - more news to follow!

February 2019

I undertook a 21-day self-tape challenge (see my montage pic!). And we had an excellent Page to Stage.

January 2019

Delighted to be performing in Death in Technicolour, a new musical comedy written for Briefs 20 at Waterloo East Theatre. I play Meredith, Office Manager in a law firm, who stuns her colleagues at the annual Christmas party.

December 2018

Had several auditions and did a very interesting CD workshop
run by my branch of Equity this month. Enjoyed chairing this
month's meeting at N1 (NorthOne Management) in our new
offices, and organising the ensuing Christmas drinkies.

November 2018

Organising and hosting this month's Page to Stage once again went very well - with four new scripts, a great team of actors and directors working hard to create the rehearsed readings, a wise and generous panel of industry experts, and a lively, engaged audience.

October 2018

Thrilled to upload my newly cut showreel and sparkling new headshots, and to add some great new tracks to my voicereel. And I had a great time reading the twisted tale Another Mother by Michael Harris Cohen at Liars League (short stories read by actors, with a book quiz, bar and lots of laughs). It was recorded!

September 2018

Had an amazing photo shoot with Nicholas Dawkes.
Having headshots taken is often a tense experience,
but he made it fun and was creative and engaged.

Here they are!
Meanwhile, another great Page to Stage
was had this month. Many thanks to all those involved.

August 2018

The perfect month to get my stuff together. Filmed two
new scenes to add to my showreel, recorded some new v/o
tracks for my voicereel, and booked in a session with
headshot photographer Nicholas Dawkes in September.

July 2018

It was an honour to perform in Sunday's Child, a powerful new play about the impact of Clause 28. If you were around in the '80s the ms​emories come flooding back, and if you weren't you'll be stunned by what some people believed was acceptable only 30 years ago!

June 2018

Voiceover work this month included a very moving narration about Syria, for an Arts Council-funded art piece entitled Eleven Impediments.

The June Page to Stage was a great night, with a wonderful panel of industry experts, a great creative team, and a really engaged audience. As one of the cast was hospitalised just before the event (they are fine now!), I was unexpectedly performing as well as hosting. Lovely to exercise those sight-reading skills.

May 2018

Writers' submissions are open for the June Page to Stage.
It's always very difficult to choose only four...

April 2018

Delighted to read two short stories in the latest Liars League event, where actors read stories to a grown-up audience! The evening was entitled 'small + beautiful', and was a fun night of brilliantly quirky mini stories. And I loved doing two Scaffold Shakespeare workshops this month - Henry IV Part I and Comedy of Errors. Brilliant fun cold-reading them, and then discussing themes afterwards. Meanwhile, the April Page to Stage went well, with a fab line-up of plays, performers, directors and an incredibly wise and generous panel! Huge thanks to everyone.

March 2018

Been busy with auditions and workshops - all part of being
|a proud member of NorthOne Management. And now planning
has just started for the April Page to Stage - exciting!

February 2018

Having had an amazing number of scripts submitted for the Feb Page to Stage, I had a challenge choosing four. But I managed! Hosting the event, at the usual venue of The Horse & Stables (SE1 7RW), I was so grateful to all those involved, who worked amazingly hard to create a fab evening.

January 2018

Happy New Year folks! I've just signed up for an American
accents course at City Lity. Yeehaw! Meanwhile, planning is
now underway for the Feb
Page to Stage.

December 2017

Delighted to perform the powerful monologue The Ticket Barrier, by Richard Fitchett and directed by Rachel Creeger, as one of the plays featuring in the 5 Minute Festival at Stockwell Playhouse.

November 2017

This month's Page to Stage featured scripts with all-female characters. Writers, directors and actors responded brilliantly to the challenge, and we had an amazing panel and enthusiastic audience. Huge thanks to everyone involved!

October 2017

Got new headshots taken by the lovely Claire Grogan. Meanwhile, I'm starting to organise the next Page to Stage - the last one of 2017! 

September 2017

September's Page to Stage was a great evening! We had a large cast and a fab industry panel giving feedback to the writers.

Photo: Francesca Isherwood and Nathan Medina, Page to Stage, 20 Sept, The Horse & Stables, central London.

August 2017

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm now represented by NorthOne Management. Really looking forward to working with such a great gang of people! Meanwhile, planning is underway for September's Page to Stage.

July 2017

Delighted to attend a fab workshop co-run by Bechdel Theatre (Beth Watson) and the Thelmas (Maddy Moore). I hugely admire and support what they are doing (promoting women in theatre). A group of us spent a happy afternoon in Out of Joint's rehearsal room workshopping various scenes of new work written by women that passes the Bechdel test. Lovely to exercise the theatre muscles!

June 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed reading the bizarre story Colloquium ad Absurdum by Andreas Paraskevaides at Liars League (short stories read by actors, with a book quiz, bar and lots of laughs) - see photo. And we had a fabulous Page to Stage event this month, with four new scripts, a generous and constructive industry panel, a great team of actors and directors, and wonderful support from the audience. 

May 2017

Enjoyed filming an ad at the beginning of this month,
for German health company Doctorly. And looking forward
to various auditions, classes etc.

April 2017

The April Page to Stage has sadly had to be cancelled,
so I'm now working on the next one. It will be on Weds 21 June
at the usual venue - The Horse & Stables, SE1 7RW. For more
details, see my PAGE TO STAGE: ABOUT page.

March 2017

Having received a wonderful selection of scripts for the April
Page to Stage, I'm busy drawing up a shortlist. The four chosen
pieces will be announced shortly, after which there will be a
call-out for actors and directors. For regular updates, check out
the Page to Stage London facebook group.

February 2017

Delighted to be reading decadent prose and poetry as part of a talk promoting new literary anthology, Decadence, at the wonderful Last Tuesday Society. And we had a fab evening at the February Page to Stage. Many thanks to everyone involved, from panellists to writers, directors to actors, and a very supportive audience.

January 2017

Organising the February Page to Stage - the bi-monthly
new writing event for theatre practitioners. Meanwhile, my
month began with a fascinating casting workshop with
Sarah Hughes (from the Actors Guild - founded by actors for actors).

December 2016

Delighted to be the actor at Waterstones Piccadilly event The Haunted Library (left), reading selections from a newly published anthology of the same name. And at the 2016 Willesden Herald international short story awards, I read the winning entry – congratulations to Olga Zilberbourg for Love and Hair.

November 2016

The final Page to Stage event of 2016 was a great one! Huge thanks to the directors and cast for their hard work and support of the event, to the panel for their constructive and encouraging feedback, and to the writers for sharing their work with us. For full details of how Page to Stage works, including links to where breakdowns, deadlines etc. are submitted, click here.

October 2016

Photo: Rob Nicholas as Father and myself as Mother, trying to fathom their surreal lives in The Empire Builders (2-4 October, Hen & Chickens). Loved performing in this absurdist tragi-comedy set in 1950s France. 

September 2016

Rehearsing The Empire Builders (see October). Meanwhile the September Page to Stage was a great evening of exciting new writing, great direction and performances, a top-notch industry panel, and a wonderfully engaged and supportive audience. 

August 2016

Greatly enjoyed my second Women Redressed Festival, comprising eight short plays at The Park Theatre. I played Florrie (left), one of several generations of a London family of florists, in Skin by Sayan Kent. Lovely to perform at The Park – four years after I visited it being built (see Feb 2012 below). Meanwhile, delighted to have been cast in The Empire Builders - a French absurdist play that's not often performed in English.

July 2016

Delighted to be part of the July 'Late' at the National Gallery, as one of 5 actors reading award-winning stories inspired by paintings in the collection. My story was a tale of unrequited love set amidst the heat of the jungle, inspired by Henri Rousseau's famous painting, Surprise! (right).

And I thoroughly enjoyed performing in Dinosaur Dreams (left), a powerful one-hour play about mental health. I played the mother of a young guy who had been sectioned. I learnt the script overnight, ready for 7 performances - the role had become unexpectedly available due to illness. (I'm glad to report that the original actor is on the mend.)

June 2016

You never stop learning in this game! Did an excellent 3-day film techniques course with the wonderful David Penn, and a great 1-day TV comedy casting day with Sarah Hughes. Delighted to be part of the first DAW workshop - directors, actors and writers coming together to work on new pieces of writing. On Weds 22 it was the June Page to Stage.

May 2016

Have just recorded some great tracks with Pure Digital Voices to update my voicereel. And in the spirit of upgrading, I'm working on re-doing my showreel (watch this space). Photo: Hannah Elsy took this pic of me, mid-flow, hosting a Page to Stage night.

April 2016

This month's Page to Stage had record attendance - we just about managed to squeeze everyone in! Huge thanks to all those involved and who attended - it was a wonderful evening of theatre and supportive feedback. Meanwhile, I was delighted to take part in the 100th Liars League event, reading a fabulous 100-word story.

March 2016

Performance shot from Norfolk, part of the Women Redressed series of plays at the Arcola Theatre - two women's friendship takes an unexpected turn. Photo, right: Programme page for High Seas, a new play performed as rehearsed readings at the Richmond Festival. I played the captain of a ship, brutally overseeing female resistance fighters from different periods of history.

February 2016

Fulfilled a long-held ambition – performing in The Vagina Monologues! Fab cast and director, and wonderful (often moving) audience responses. All in all, an incredible sense of theatre making a difference. Photo: Performance shot of The Vagina Monologues, 7 Feb, Bread & Roses Theatre.

And we had another great Page to Stage evening, bringing together talented directors and actors to showcase exciting new writing. I was grateful once again to have a generous and constructive panel.

January 2016

Delighted to be part of the first meetings of Siberian Lights(, a group of actors who have come together to tackle issues of how women are under-represented in the performing arts. Activities include play-readings - see pic fafter we read POSH (hilarious performances all round!).

December 2015

Loved playing a police officer who can't think outside the rule book in Being John Barrowman, a rehearsed reading of new comedy by Tessa Hart at The Bread & Roses. And on 1 Dec really enjoyed taking part in the Lab Results Show of the London Playwriting Lab (more rehearsed readings). In one evening I went from punk rocker launching her comeback, to nervous academic who develops a taste for murder, to chilled-out Beatnik. Exhilarating!

November 2015

Lots of voiceover work this month, including more audio for Cisco. Love working in the studio. Meanwhile, November's Page to Stage was a great evening, with fab pieces, direction and performances, an enthusiastic and engaged audience, and a wonderfully helpful and gracious panel. 

October 2015

Photo: Performing in the Talos Science Fiction Theatre Festival, at Chelsea Theatre. I played the bumbling mayor in the comedic two-hander The Crooked Fork. There were lots of laughs, and a wonderful audience reaction.

The month began with the Deadline Theatre

challenge. At 10am, actors (cast by showreels)

saw the script for the first time; at 8.30pm we were performing off-book to a packed audience.

September 2015

Photo: Rehearsal shot for More Than This, at the Clapham Fringe, 14–17 Sept. A comedy of relationships, I played a doctor going out with a (much) younger man. Brilliant fun. Meanwhile, the September Page to Stage event was a great evening, with a wonderful panel, and fab writing, directing and performing.

August 2015

Photo: Here's the gang with whom I trained and rehearsed – with RSC actors Simon Trinder and Adjoa Andoh – in July (see below). We were also lucky enough to work with Jeanette Nelson, Head of Voice at the National. On 2 Aug we performed an ensemble version of The Merchant of Venice at The Swan Theatre, Stratford.

July 2015

Living and breathing Shakespeare for a 2 week auditioned ICAT course (Independent Centre of Acting Training), run along the lines of RSC rehearsal practice – culminating in a performance in Stratford. Meanwhile, at the July Page to Stage we had wonderful input from panelists, writers, directors, actors and audience. And it was lovely to have complimentary feedback on the programming of the pieces and the casting. 

June 2015

The month began with more v/o work (repeat work for a

client needing clear audio for various communication apps),

included some excellent workshops and classes, and

concluded with a particularly fun audition!

May 2015

Attended the first in a series of Samuel French-hosted workshops, with an excellent talk by Richard Evans. And we had a great Page to Stage this month. 3 fab panelists, 4 great scripts and a talented cast list of directors and actors – plus a brilliantly lively and engaged audience. Thanks to everyone for making it such a fun evening. 

April 2015

Planning May's Page to Stage. I have some wonderful panelists lined up, the scripts are chosen, and I'm currently casting. For more information on this new writing event, see Page to Stage.

March 2015

Attended the Castathon at The Actors Centre – 10 mins
to talk to the CDs of your choice certainly focuses the mind!
Had some really interesting discussions. Did more v/o work this
month – voicing animated demos for Cisco (ensuring technological
concepts are explained clearly and helpfully). And hosted Page to
Stage at the Horse & Stables, the perfect venue for this new writing
event. The 4 pieces, ably directed and performed, received great
feedback from the panel.

February 2015

Doe: Packed audience for Doe, featuring in the Unheard Festival at the Bread & Roses. I played Dee, abused and caught in a catch-22 scenario. Performed as a rehearsed reading, it included ensemble speaking (including soundscapes), dialogue and monologues.

The Mesmer: Script learnt in a handful of days, and performed on 2 nights to fantastic audiences. I played Mme Zeddmore, star of a stage show about a Victorian spiritualist. The lines between past and present, this world and the next, start to become blurred...

January 2015

Photo: No White Mongoose for Wilma. Now rehearsing for The Mesmer (part of KimBo Theatre's 'See-Through' night and Doe (part of the Unheard Festival) – see pics above. Meanwhile, the January Page to Stage was a great success, with a fabulous panel and a great team of writers, directors and actors.