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15 Nov 2018

ACTORS AND DIRECTORS CALL OUT! (For the event on Tues 20 Nov)
~ Apply to be in the mix! Please submit a form. See below ~

Requirements/time commitment
(voluntary event, unpaid):
- The event showcases new writing: you need strong stage skills, clear delivery, good characterisation, excellent sight-reading.
- Scripts are sent out in advance. Actors should be very familiar with the lines (but not off-book).
- Cast and director meet on the night, with 1½ hours to rehearse.
- Email me at page2stage@gmx.com for a form. Complete the form and send it to page2stage@gmx.com
- NB: Please state which role(s) you are interested in. Final casting may differ. Playing ages can differ from those stated in the call-out.

Requirements/time commitment (voluntary event, unpaid):
- Working in a small space and limited timeframe, you need to be adaptable and imaginative. Showcasing the writing is the key objective.
- Scripts are sent out in advance. Preliminary planning is encouraged (e.g. contacting cast about clothing, the odd prop etc).
- Cast and director meet on the night, with 1½ hours to rehearse.
- Email me at page2stage@gmx.com for a form. Complete the form and send it to page2stage@gmx.com
- NB: Please state which play(s) you are interested in, but the final decision may differ.

* Deadline: Sat 17 November (midday) *

In the near future a kindly young couple prepare to welcome ‘billetees’ into their home, but when they arrive ‘Janet’ and ‘John’ are not child evacuees. All or some of the roles below could be Northeners, as the piece is set in a northern town
Emily: F, 30’s. Young professional
Harry: M, 30s. Emily’s partner. Doubles as: John, M, 90s
Billeting Officer, F, 50s. Black
Janet, F, 80s. Could double as Nurse in ‘The Care Act’

THE CARE ACT by Peter Ramsey
A hospital cleaner, accused of murdering a number of elderly women on a hospital ward, is assessed for her fitness to stand trial
Amanda: F, no age specified. Psychologist
Trudy: F, late 50s. Caucasian Londoner
Nurse: F, no age specified. Small role, so could double with Janet in ‘The Billetting Officer’

OUR CHARLIE by Natalia Lewis
Dark comedy set in rural northern England – with murder and sheep
Sue: F, late 40s or early 50s. Cumbrian.
Louise: F, mid to late 20s. Speaks ‘properly’

TOOTH AND NAIL by Alison Roe
A stressed parent of a disabled child talks to social workers who have to make decisions on relative need
Mark Harris: M, early 40s
Sonia Cole: F, no age specified. Child social worker
Denise Garratt: F, no age specified. Social work manager

14 Nov 2018

After much deliberating, with a wonderful selection of scripts to choose from, we have the final four scripts for the event on Tues 20 November. They are:

'Our Charlie', by Natalia Lewis
'The Billetting Officer' by Linda Dawes
'Tooth and Nail' by Alison Roe
'The Care Act' by Peter Ramsey.

Many thanks, once again, to everyone who submitted scripts. The next post will be the call-out for actors and directors.

2 Nov 2018

Page to Stage event: Tues 20 November at The Horse & Stables, London SE1 7RW

* Deadline for script submissions: Friday 9 November (midnight) *

You are invited to submit a NEW 10-minute theatre script (or excerpt) to be performed as a directed rehearsed reading in front of an industry panel and audience.

Page to Stage is a great platform to see your work performed, receive feedback from the experts, and to create working relationships with fellow theatre-makers. For these reasons, you must be UK-based, and able to get to the London venue on the night.
Scripts should have 2-4 characters, and be suitable for performance as a rehearsed reading in a small playing area.

TIP: We have many more female than male actors applying to Page to Stage – of all ages!

* To submit your script *
(i) Email me to request the short submission form (other details will be supplied to you at the same time): page2stage@gmx.com.
(ii) Email me your script plus the completed form.

NB: Application is by email only.

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